I like to give credit where credit is due & if it weren't for a fellow photog friend that shared this....I may not have stumbled upon this cool idea.  So! thank you --> Amanda <-- with Simply Savvy Photography



From a little research l found where Passion Carnets put this idea to use. 

For more info on either places click their names & it shall lead you down a rabbit hole of even more neat ideas!

Please note: I am not affiliated with either of the above people/businesses. This is not a paid advertisement. This is simply a cool idea being passed on for others to see/use.


I am pretty lazy/too particular when it comes to hand drawing out something such as this...so! I thought I would create something on the computer that is readily available and easy for people to use for themselves :)

Simply download the .pdf - print it out & color in the boxes on the right in whatever color you are feeling :)