Break the cookie cutter

Ok well maybe not LITERALLY break the cookie cutter... that could be bad. 

What I mean mean is...

When your family members tell you it is time to get together to take family photo' you shutter at the thought?

You think "Oh great, it's time to get out my Sunday's best. The kids need haircuts. Their polo needs ironed. Is this going to conflict with t-ball, dance, and clarinet lessons? Are we going to do this before or after the baby's nap? 

Why has the stigma of family photo's become such a "hassle"? Why has PHOTOGRAPHY turned into something you only do for: Family Photo's, Mile Marker Birthdays/Newborns, Graduations, Engagements, Weddings, Nature....? 

For many years I tried to put myself in one of those boxes...actually many of those boxes.

I'm not a box or a cookie cutter.

Photography is not all the same. 

I am candid. Sure, I can stage portraits and I like themed portraits. The more bizarre the better ;)

Let's make photography fun again. It is not a hassle. It is awkward, fun, interesting, crazy, geeky, etc.

My photo's aren't traditional. They are unique. They tell a story. I understand that not all stories are happily ever after's. I want to tell all of the stories. The good. The bad. Everything in between. 

What's your story?