Call me Spiritual, Call me Crazy, Call me whatever you think....but the number 21 pops up in my life when it comes to people. I used to think it started with my dad's passing, 7-21. Then one day it was like....OH YEAH, my daughter was born on the 21st. So there were two relations of the number 21. After that I didn't really think too much about it.

The father of my children, unexpectedly, passed away recently on 3-21. Once again, that number...21. I frequently see this number as a whole (321, just like 721). I see it in the time, in license plates, item numbers, etc. 

For whatever reason, I started to wonder why my son didn't have 21 in his birthday, but how coincidental could we get? Except he does. He was born on 8-13....8+13 = 21. That number again.

If you're wondering, no...my birthday doesn't equal 21 and I wasn't born on the 21st. I suppose it is possible that I could pass away on the 21st of some month in some year. However, if it "helps", the year my dad passed away, (which I mentioned in the other blog), I found a heart shaped rock on my 21st birthday. TWENTY-ONE! <---it's there again. ***UPDATE!!!*** I'VE RECENTLY BEEN MADE AWARE: If you add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc.  the numbers in my SSN in a certain order it equals 21. (Obviously for privacy purposes,  I don't want anyone to know my SSN so I am not listing it, nor am I going to be specific on which method of math is used). MIND. BLOWN. !!!

What does it mean? I'm not sure. I know that it drives me crazy to think about it sometimes trying to analyze its meaning. I am confident: Everything happens for a reason.