Before & After

There's a photographer that I follow...I love her work. Her photography is very similar to what I like and want to do - which probably explains why I "follow" her. Sometimes I would look at her photo's and with jealously think "dang, why can't Evansville have pretty places like that". 

Open your eyes. These nooks & crannies are everywhere. They are spots in your backyard. They are the side of a brick building in a downtown area. A trail behind a playground. An tree next a building on a side road that you drive by everyday and never look at. 

What may seem like normal, everyday, sites & sceneries ....can be transformed into whatever your hearts desire shows you in your minds eye.

Sometimes I am the grammar police - but when it comes to what I write in these "blogs of words".... I am writing how I am thinking, which is sometimes a garbled mess.

Below is (an iphone) photo of a spot in my backyard. A tree that has pink flowers... part of my A/C unit..a basketball goal...some shrubbery that hasn't been trimmed... 

Then a photo... of a girl... straight out of the camera....

To a then transformed photo of how I saw it in my mind. (or pretty close to it)

So yes, I have said it before...sometimes your photographer will take you, to what seems like, ordinary places...but what they have in store is much more beyond the extraordinary.