Hello? Oh, duh. That's right...I have a blog. This is what happens when I get busy. Life. Life happens! Since the last blog, FOUR months ago... I have done a couple of different things photography related. I attended the Children's Center for Dance Education fundraiser, The Black & Pink Ball, in November. I photographed some things there.

In December, I photographed a really fun family but there photos were top secret until closer to Christmas. No pregnancy announcement or anything...but they were for Christmas cards & they didn't want to spoil the fun beforehand. TOTALLY understandable. I have their permission to post them but I forgot. #shocker #Iforgetthingsallthetime. December was also busy with the Children's Center for Dance Education's Nutcracker production.

January started with a cruise through the Western Caribbean! The stops were Isla Roatan in Honduras, Grand Cayman & Belize. It was absolutely beautiful! I'll have to share some of those photo's too! 

Welcome to February & I am off to a concert this weekend in Indianapolis to see my ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND ----> MARIANAS TRENCH!!! I got VIP tickets...I am SO excited. Photo's to come of that too! 

Oh Oh! I also took a photo for the dance studio for their upcoming performance of Aladdin & the Magic Lamp...if everything goes smoothly it will be up on some billboards in Evansville!! How Cool Is That?!?!?! ...I'll post that too... 

Sounds like I have a lot of posting to catch up on! 

Toodles! {--> toodles? I never say that... I must be tired... or hyper... I can't tell}