Prints & Sessions

I've said it and I'll say it again. Photography is an investment. I have these words on my website, my facebook, and if you ask me I'll probably say it too ;)

Which brings me to PRINTS. Ya know, those things you buy every school year when your child gets their photo taken? Prints. 

Prints are a gift. Yes, I know you can go to CVS or and get deals & steals. Just get what you pay for.  When you buy that package from the school you don't generally bat an eye, right? You shouldn't with your photographer either. 

I'm sure there is some eye rolling and judgements going on right now. "I can't believe she is saying this."  I want to educate you just as well as the next photog. 

So, why are they more expensive? They are gifts. They are high quality printed photographs. They are art. They are an everlasting memory that you will look back on and (hopefully) remember,- haha. 

--Wait, so you charged me a session fee & prints are an additional cost? --

Yes. When you get your car's oil change, you pay for labor and parts. Photography is to labor as prints are to parts. There, I did it! I made an analogy! -->easily entertained<-- Probably not the BEST analogy...but I hope it gets the basic idea across.

I really & truly do hope this helps. I'm not here to be the class clown (mainly because I am an introvert) or jerk. I know people have questions & even photographers have questions. I have questions. We help one another & we want you to be educated as well.