Things I like to photograph

Sometimes when people ask me what I like to photograph...

I stare at them blankly for a few, brief, awkward moments. It's hard to describe what I like. It is more of a fine art. What category does: pretty dress in an enchanted forest - fall under? Orrrr... favorite superhero costume running through a sprinkler - fall under? 

I want to capture a memory. I want to capture the essence of you. I want to capture what makes you, YOU. Something that... when people look at the photograph, they say, "Wow! This photo couldn't have portrayed you any better." ...or something like that ;)

If you love ballet, let's photograph that. If your son is obsessed with PJ Mask... let's put that costume on & run in the backyard. If your granddaughter loves having tea parties...let's set it up at the park & photograph that. If you have "left-over" winter-formal dresses or prom dresses...let's dig them out again!

I still love family photography, group photo's & individual portraits. Have a favorite outfit that makes you feel fabulous? Pick that! Have a family of goobers that are Harry Potter obsessed? Let's do your family portrait Harry Potter inspired. 

I don't have a studio. I don't want one. It isn't me. Let's create something special together, outside, in nature. Think outside the box.